CyTOF-candidate Antibodies

CyTOF-candidate Antibodies

CyTOF, or mass cytometry, is a new generation flow cytometer. In CyTOF system, heavy metals instead of fluorophores are used to label antibodies and stain the cells. The utilization of heavy mental as a reporter system overcomes the problem of spectral overlap resulted by fluorophores which have broad emission spectra. CyTOF allows multi-parametric cell detection for more than 40 channels with minimal background and compensation problems.

CyTOF is an excellent tool for efficiently detection of cell subsets.  arigo offers a series of CyTOF-candidate antibodies which are qualified to be used in multi-parameter analysis.


  • Validated in relevant applications
  • BSA-free and carrier-free
  • Optimal buffer for metal conjugation
  • Supplied at higher concentration


CyTOF-candidate Antibodies (A to Z)

Antibody Target Clone Reactivity Cat. No.
CD1a HI149 Hu ARG62761
CD1b SN13 Hu ARG65539
CD1c L161 Hu ARG65474
CD2 TS1/8 Hu ARG65545
CD3 145-2C11 Ms ARG65369
CD3 UCHT1 Hu, Primates ARG65550
CD8a 53-6.7 Ms ARG65398
CD11b M1/70 Hu, Ms, Primates, Rb ARG62718
CD11c N418 Ms ARG23522
CD11c BU15 Hu, Mk ARG65421
CD13 WM15 Hu, Primates ARG62721
CD18 / LFA1 beta MEM-148 Hu ARG62752
CD20 2H7 Hu, Primates ARG65383
CD23 EBVCS-5 Hu ARG65439
CD26 / DPP4 BA5b Hu ARG62788
CD28 37.51 Ms ARG62796
CD28 CD28.2 Hu, Primates ARG65430
CD31 WM59 Hu, Mk ARG22948
CD33 WM53 Hu, Primates ARG65560
CD34 MEC14.7 Ms ARG22956
CD34 581 Hu, Primates ARG65718
CD38 HIT2 Hu ARG62829
CD39 A1 Hu ARG22507
CD40 3/23 Ms ARG22904
CD41 HIP8 Hu, Primates ARG62844
CD41 MWReg30 Ms ARG65515
CD42b HIP1 Hu, Primates ARG62846
CD44 IM7 Hu, Ms, Cat, Dog, Hr ARG65642
CD45 HI30 Hu, Primates ARG65659
CD45R / B220 RA3-6B2 Hu, Ms, Cat ARG65535
CD45R0 UCHL1 Hu ARG65549
CD45RB MEM-55 Hu, Primates ARG62865
CD49a / Integrin alpha 1 TS2/7 Hu ARG22420
CD49c / Integrin alpha 3 ASC-1 Hu ARG66228
CD51 + CD61 23C6 Hu, Ch ARG23099
CD52 HI186 Hu ARG62881
CD61 / Integrin beta 3 VIPL2 Hu, Primates ARG65554
CD62L / L-Selectin DREG56 Hu ARG62905
CD62L / L-Selectin MEL-14 Ms ARG65484
CD62P AK4 Hu, Primates ARG65407
CD64 10.1 Hu, Primates ARG65361
CD68 FA-11 Ms ARG22839
CD69 FN50 Hu ARG62916
CD73 AD2 Hu ARG55404
CD80 16-10A1 Ms, Dog ARG62932
CD83 HB15e Hu, Primates ARG56144
CD84 CD84.1.21 Hu ARG65432
CD86 GL-1 Ms ARG62938
CD88 / C5AR1 S5/1 Hu, Bo, Fe, Rb ARG65537
CD90 5E10 Hu, Dog, Primates, Pig ARG65399
CD101 BB27 Hu ARG65412
CD102 / ICAM2 CBRIC2/2 Hu ARG23257
CD103 / Integrin alpha E Ber-ACT8 Hu, Primates ARG65417
CD106 / VCAM1 STA Hu ARG65542
CD116 4H1 Hu ARG65394
CD117 / c-Kit 104D2 Hu, Bo, Primates ARG65364
CD137 4B4-1 Hu ARG65823
CD138 / Syndecan 1 MI15 Hu, Rat, Primates ARG57569
CD140a / PDGFRA 16A1 Hu ARG65373
CD140b / PDGFRB 18A2 Hu ARG65376
CD154 / CD40L MR-1 Ms ARG65514
CD161 PK136 Ms ARG22501
CD161 HP-3G10 Hu, Primates ARG65461
CD163 GHI/61 Hu ARG65447
CD169 / Siglec 1 3D6.112 Ms ARG22870
CD177 MEM-166 Hu, Primates ARG62748
CD197 / CCR7 4B12 Ms ARG65392
CD200 OX-104 Hu ARG22978
CD206 / MMR 15-2 Hu, Ms ARG55554
CD223 / LAG3 C9B7W Ms ARG22550
CD226 DX11 Hu ARG23440
CD235a HIR2 Hu ARG62780
CD252 / OX40L RM134L Ms ARG65841
CD273 / PD-L2 24F.10C12 Hu ARG66227
CD279 / PD-1 RMP1-30 Ms ARG23619
CD279 / PD-1 EH12.2H7 Hu, Primates ARG57575
CD284 / TLR4 HTA125 Hu, Mk, Dog, G. pig, Pig ARG22986
CD328 / Siglec 7 6-434 Hu ARG65401
Granzyme B GB11 Hu, Primates ARG22617
Helios 22F6 Hu, Ms ARG65382
HLA-ABC W6/32 Hu, Bb, Mk ARG65833
HLA-DR L243 Hu, Dog, Primates ARG65720
HLA-G 87G Hu ARG54212
IFN gamma 4S.B3 Hu, Primates ARG65395
Integrin alpha 9 + beta 1 Y9A2 Hu, G. pig ARG22614
Ki-67 Ki-67 Hu, Bo ARG65620
Lck LCK-01 Hu ARG63058
Ly6G + Ly6C RB6-8C5 Ms ARG63065
Ly76 TER-119 Ms ARG65842
MICA + MICB 6D4 Hu ARG23005
Siglec 5 + Siglec 14 1A5 Hu, Chimpanzee ARG22594
Siglec 9 K8 Hu ARG23306
TCR alpha + beta H57-597 Ms ARG22717
TCR alpha + beta IP26 Hu ARG63107
TLR3 11F8 Ms ARG22601
TNF alpha MAb11 Hu, Primates, Pig ARG65482