Secondary Antibodies

Secondary Antibodies

How to choose the right secondary antibody for your experiment?

What is the host species of your primary antibody?

eg: for primary antibodies derived from mouse, please choose “anti-mouse Immunoglobulin” for secondary antibodies

Which subclass does the primary antibody belong to?
In some cases, some secondary antibodies might cross-react with other subtypes, while some are purposefully adsorbed to minimize cross-reactivity.
Select host of secondary antibodies

Host species compatibility might affect the binding affinity of secondary antibodies to the primary antibodies. For Immunoprecipitation (IP) experiments, choose the host species that is compatible to the beads used. For example, goat IgG binds better to Protein G but not Protein A beads; but mouse and rabbit IgG binds equally well to Protein A and G.
Choose the conjugated probe suitable for your detection methods

HRP, Biotin, FITC, AP, Dylight, Texas Red, PE ... ...


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