Company News

Launch date Title
2023-03-03 免疫疗法成效? 就看 CTL/NK 激活多因子试剂盒
2023-02-01 ISGF3/GAF and JAK2-STAT3 antibody panels are launched
2023-01-03 大鼠一抵四 ! 促炎 + 抗炎 多因子试剂盒
2022-10-04 Ripoptosome & Necrosome antibody panels are launched
2022-09-01 Fight gastric cancer by targeting Claudin 18.2
2022-08-03 Monkeypox virus proteins and antibodies are launched
2022-06-13 Examining Th1/ Th2/ Th17/ Treg cytokines by Multiplex ELISA Kit
2022-05-18 CAR-T 疗法必备:CRS 多因子试剂盒
2022-04-01 GainData® is cited in Nature journal
2022-03-01 Mouse M1/M2 Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit is launched
2022-02-08 Comprehensive anti-Human secondary antibodies
2022-01-05 Neutralizing HMGB1 suppresses tumor angiogenesis in ESCC
2021-12-06 Solutions for studying PANoptosis & PANoptosome
2021-11-15 Inflammatory Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kits are launched
2021-10-18 AMPK signaling regulates NLRP3 inflammation and pyroptosis
2021-09-01 Exosome antibody panel is launched
2021-08-02 New antibody panels for Myofibroblasts and CAFs
2021-07-01 Keap1-Nrf2-ARE antibody panel is launched
2021-06-01 TCA intermediate fumarate promotes mitobiogenesis
2021-05-03 RIP1 activation and pathogenesis of NASH