Company News

Launch date Title
2024-07-01 Quality control for engineered T cell therapy
2024-06-03 MyD88 L265P antibody for lymphoma research
2024-05-01 Angiogenic Marker Multiplex ELISA Kits are launched
2024-03-25 See us at AACR annual meeting 2024 in San Diego
2024-03-04 Bioactive proteins for cell-based functional assays
2024-02-01 Cuproptosis Antibody Panels are launched
2024-01-01 Validating cytotoxicity of γδT cells in NSCLC
2023-12-01 Inducing M2 polarization, a surprising function of HMGB1
2023-11-01 Collagen I antibody for studying rabbit bone differentiation
2023-10-06 Fibrotic Marker Multiplex ELISA Kits are launch
2023-09-05 RIP1 pSer166 antibody good for human and mouse samples
2023-08-01 Adrenergic signaling promotes M2 polarization and bone healing
2023-06-14 人类 γδ T 细胞多因子试剂盒:抗癌、促癌特性一次验证
2023-05-04 Quantifying BSA levels in cell therapy products or urine
2023-04-03 See us at AACR Annual Meeting 2023 in Orlando
2023-03-03 免疫疗法成效? 就看 CTL/NK 激活多因子试剂盒
2023-02-01 ISGF3/GAF and JAK2-STAT3 antibody panels are launched
2023-01-03 大鼠一抵四 ! 促炎 + 抗炎 多因子试剂盒
2022-10-04 Ripoptosome & Necrosome antibody panels are launched
2022-09-01 Fight gastric cancer by targeting Claudin 18.2