Cuproptosis Antibody Panels are launched

Cuproptosis Antibody Panels are launched

Cuproptosis is a copper-dependent cell death distinct from other types of programmed cell death. Tsvetkov et al. reported that excess intracellular copper induces the aggregation of lipoylated mitochondrial enzymes DLAT and DLST, both are associated with the mitochondrial TCA cycle, resulting in proteotoxic stress and leading to a unique form of cell death termed cuproptosis. Cuproptosis is also characterized by loss of the Fe-S cluster proteins which are essential cofactors for mediating electron transfer within the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Accumulate research reveal that cuproptosis is related to the occurrence and progression of various diseases including cancer. Targeting cuprotosis is expected to be an emerging strategy for cancer therapy. However, the molecular mechanism and regulation are still unclear.  arigo offers two antibody panels to facilitate the research of cuproptosis.



Cuproptosis - Proteotoxic Stress Antibody Panel (ARG30354)
Ideal to examine the proteotoxic stress in cuproptosis process

• Includes key lipoylated proteins DLAT and DLST antibodies
Include proteotoxic stress marker HSP70 antibody
Works on human and mouse samples

Component Reactivity Application Pkg
DLAT antibody Hu, Ms ICC/IF, IP, WB 20 μl
DLST antibody Hu, Ms, Rat ICC/IF, IHC-P, WB 20 μl
HSP70 antibody Hu, Ms, Rat IHC-P, WB 20 μl



Fe-S Cluster Antibody Panel (ARG30355)
Ideal to evaluate the loss of Fe-S clusters in cuproptosis process

• Includes Fe-S clusters FDX1, LIAS, ACO2, and POLD1 antibodies
• Works on human and mouse samples

Component Reactivity Application Pkg
FDX1 antibody Hu, Ms, Rat WB 20 μl
LIAS antibody Hu, Ms WB 20 μl
ACO2 antibody Hu, Ms ICC/IF, IHC-P, IP, WB 20 μl
POLD1 antibody Hu, Ms, Rat FACS, ICC/IF, WB 20 μl



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