Ripoptosome & Necrosome antibody panels are launched

Ripoptosome & Necrosome antibody panels are launched

Necroptosis and apoptosis are parallel cell death pathways in response to extrinsic death signals. The activation of death receptors induces the formation of ripoptosome which is a platform to switch non-inflammatory cell death apoptosis and inflammatory cell death necroptosis. The ripoptosome components includes RIP1, Caspase-8, and FADD. In ripoptosome, Caspase-8 activation leads to apoptosis, whereas Caspase-8 inhibition triggers necrosome assembly in which RIP1 and RIP3 are activated by phosphorylation and the recruited MLKL is subsequently phosphorylated by RIP3, resulting in MLKL oligomerization and insertion into the plasma membrane, consequently executing necroptosis.

Necroptosis is associated with in a variety of pathophysiological processes, including cancer, liver diseases, kidney injury, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and allergic inflammation. A better understanding about the regulation of ripoptosome and necrosome opens new therapeutic avenues for treating necroptosis‑related diseases. arigo offers ripoptosome and necrosome antibody panels to facilitate necroptosis/apoptosis research.


Mouse Ripoptosome Antibody Panel (ARG30350)
   Ideal to distinguish extrinsic apoptosis, RIP1-dependent apoptosis, and necroptosis

- Includes ripoptosome components RIP1 and Caspase-8 antibodies
- Good for detecting necroptosis by p-RIP1 and p-RIP3 antibodies
- Available for detecting apoptosis by Caspase-8 antibody

Component Reactivity Application Pkg
Caspase-8 antibody Hu, Ms, Rat IHC-P, WB 20 μl
RIP1 antibody [SQab22276] Ms IHC-P, WB 20 μl
RIP1 phospho (Ser166) antibody [YJY-1-5] Ms, Rat ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, IP, WB 20 μl
RIP3 phospho (Ser232) antibody Ms WB 20 μl


Necrosome Antibody Panel (ARG30344)
   Ideal to detect the necrosome and necroptosis

- Includes necrosome components RIP1, RIP3, and MLKL antibodies
- Works on human and mouse samples

Component Reactivity Application Pkg
RIP1 antibody Hu, Ms, Rat ICC/IF, WB 20 μg
RIP3 antibody Hu, Ms, Rat ELISA, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, IP, WB 20 μg
MLKL antibody Hu, Ms IHC-P, WB 20 μl