About ELISA Kits

Sandwich ELISA is a sensitive and accurate way of quantifying antigen concentration in a certain sample type. It is named sandwich ELISA because the antigen of interest is captured by two different antibodies which target the different epitopes within the same protein. The concentration is then quantified by measuring the color change caused by the enzymatic reactions using a spectrometer.


A typical sandwich ELISA involve the following procedures:

(1) The wells in a microtiter plate are coated with capturing antibodies.

(2) Samples and standards of known concentrations are added into the pre-coated wells.

(3) Wells are washed, and the detection antibody conjugated to Horse Radish Peroxidase (HRP) is applied to the plate to bind on the antigen.

(4) The plate is washed to remove excessive antibodies.

(5) Substrate is applied and converted by the enzyme HRP to elicit a chromogenic signal.

(6) The signal is then quantified by a spectrometer or some other optical device.


Why choose arigo’s ELISA kits?

arigo guarantee to provide quality ELISA kits for your research needs. 

arigo carefully selects the antibody pairs that give the best compatibility for optimal performance in ELISA assays.

We guarantee the reproducibility of our kits by ensuring that the CV values for intra- and inter assay precision of each kit to fall below 9% across all standard curves.

The sensitivity and specificity is carefully measured and documented for each kit. With the linear regression of >0.99 for each standard curves being plotted, we offer reliable kits to ensure that you get the optimal results for all of your experiments.

To help you perform your experiments in a more effective way, we have prepared a systematic one-page protocol for your convenience. Our phDs are always ready to answer any technical enquiries that you might have regarding our products.


We compare our ELISA kits with other kits available in the market. We are confident that our ELISA kits match or exceed the performance of products from renowned suppliers.

  Human IFN alpha ELISA kit


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Assay Range






Serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant

not reported

Serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant

Serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant


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