Antibody Duos

Antibody Duos

Why do we need Antibody Duo?

Can you imagine what the reviewers will say if you perform a phospho-AKT WB experiment without including a AKT total protein WB as a contorl?  Will your boss be happy if you perform a WB experiment without adding a loading control?
Is it possible to perform Co-IP experiments with only one antibody? When we perform an IHC or IF experiment, will we know what cell types we are looking at if counter stain is not included?
This is why arigo believes that two antibodies is always better than one, because only convincing results will bring your research to a higher level and a brighter future!

Which Duo is for you?


We select targets for our antibody duos based on the needs of researchers working on topics spanning different research areas. Our target selection team thoroughly analyze the research frontier and cooperate with scientists worldwide, to bring out cutting edge solutions in the timeliest manner. Our team members constantly discuss and challenge each other to ensure that all the selected targets are elite and helpful to the research community.


PTM Duos:

For the study of protein 
post translational modification

Pathway Duos:

For pathway analysis and
protein-protein relationship

Control Duos:

For WB, IHC, IF, FACS, and
other basic laboratory practices


For Sandwich ELISA 



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