Exploring Antiviral Immune Response

Exploring Antiviral Immune Response

The antiviral immune response can be divided into a nonspecific phase involving innate immunity and an antigen-specific phase involving adaptive immunity. The initial response of viral infection is the synthesis of type I interferons which provide the first line of defense by inhibiting virus replication, activating inflammatory response, and stimulating the maturation of T and B cells. arigo offers quality antibodies and ELISA kits to facilitate the research of antiviral response.


● DNA sensing

cGAS antibody (ARG54961)

STING antibody (ARG56280)

DDX41 antibody (ARG57761)


● RNA sensing

RIG-I antibody (ARG54925)

MDA5 antibody (ARG55413)

MAVS antibody (ARG59429)


● Antiviral signaling

IRF3 pSer396 antibody

STAT1 pTyr701 antibody

STAT2 pTyr690 antibody

IRF3 antibody [3F10]

STAT1 antibody

STAT2 antibody


● Inflammatory responses

Inflammation Antibody Panel (ARG30323)
● NFkB pSer536   
● iNOS   ● COX-2   ● beta-Actin

Human Inflammatory Cell Antibody Panel (ARG30325)
● MPO   ● CD68   ● CD3   ● CD20

Mouse Inflammatory Cell Antibody Panel (ARG30326)
● Ly6G/Ly6C   ● F4/80   ● CD3   ● B220



Pyroptosis Antibody Panel (ARG30330)
● Caspase-1   ● GSDMD   ● IL-1 beta   ● beta-Tubulin

NLRP3 Inflammasome Antibody Panel (ARG30331)
● NLRP3   ● ASC   ● Caspase-1   ● GAPDH

NLRC4 Inflammasome Antibody Panel (ARG30332)
● NLRC4   ● ASC   ● Caspase-1   ● GAPDH


Interferon ELISA kits
IFN alpha:
Human, Mouse, Rat
IFN beta: Human, Mouse, Rat


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