Anti-SerpinB9 therapy, a new strategy for cancer therapy

Anti-SerpinB9 therapy, a new strategy for cancer therapy


SerpinB9 is a serine proteinase inhibitor expressed in certain cancer cells. Due to binding and inactivating of Granzyme B (GrB), SerpinB9 protects cancers cells from GrB-mediated apoptosis. Recently, Jiang et al. reported that SerpinB9 is expressed in both cancer cells and the immunosuppressive cells including CAFs, MDSCs, and TAMs. SerpinB9 inhibition not only promotes the GrB-mediated apoptosis, but also target CAFs, MDSCs, and TAMs. Their finding indicates a potential therapeutic strategy for targeting cancer cells and immunosuppressive cells. arigo offers quality antibodies to facilitate related research.


SerpinB9 antibody (ARG55498)
Reactivity: Hu, Ms, Rat
Application: ICC/IF, WB

Granzyme B antibody [SQab1712] (ARG65858)
Reactivity: Hu
Application: IHC-P


CAF Marker Antibody Duo (ARG30322)

M1/M2/TAM Marker Antibody Panel (ARG30333)


Human MDSC Marker Antibody Duo (ARG30336)

Mouse MDSC Marker Antibody Duo (ARG30335)


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Reference: Jiang et al., (2020) Cell. 183(5):1219-1233.