Detecting MMPs and their non-ECM substrates

Detecting MMPs and their non-ECM substrates


MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases) are a family of proteases responsible for the degradation of extracellular matrix components. In additions, MMPs are also involved in the cleavage of non-ECM molecules including receptors, growth factors, cytokines and chemokines. MMP-mediated cleavage and activation of the non-ECM molecules are required for adhesion, proliferation, angiogenesis, and inflammatory process.  arigo offers a series of ELISA kits to facilitate the detection of MMPs and their non-ECM substrates.



Active MMP7 ELISA Kit (ARG82010)

MMP9 ELISA Kit (ARG80129)


  Human Mouse Rat
MMP1 ARG80145 ARG82074 ARG82075
MMP2 ARG83327 ARG83330 ARG81693
MMP3 ARG83037 ARG81662 ARG82625

Total ARG81414
Active ARG82010

MMP8 ARG83331 ARG81921 ARG81860
MMP9 ARG80129 ARG81241 ARG81152
MMP10 ARG81415    
MMP12 ARG81488 ARG81803  
MMP13 ARG82314 ARG82284 ARG81632
MMP14 ARG82633    
TIMP1 ARG80187 ARG81674 ARG81284
TIMP2 ARG81272 ARG81787 ARG81880
TIMP3 ARG81420    
TIMP4 ARG80144 ARG81892  

ELISA Kits for non-ECM substrates

  Human Mouse Rat
alpha 1 Antichymotrypsin ARG82246    
CD44 ARG81323 ARG81917 ARG81916
COMP ARG81478    
Fas Ligand ARG81319 ARG81643 ARG81810
ICAM1 ARG80125 ARG81649 ARG81650
IGFBP1 ARG80157 ARG81653  
IGFBP2 ARG83145 ARG82825  
IGFBP3 ARG80494 ARG83146  
MCP1 ARG80128 ARG80212 ARG80246
MCP2 ARG80180 ARG81818  
MCP3 ARG82623 ARG81707 ARG81878
MCP4 ARG81461    
Osteopontin ARG81268 ARG81668  
RANK Ligand     ARG81958
SPARC ARG81526    
SDF1 ARG80121 ARG82061  
Syndecan-1 ARG81249 ARG81335  
VEGF ARG80124 ARG80207 ARG80242