New HMGB1 neutralizing antibody is released

New HMGB1 neutralizing antibody is released

HMGB1 is recognized as one of the damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs). It is released from either necrotic cells or activated macrophages. The secreted HMGB1 mediates various inflammatory diseases; however, the underlying mechanisms are not completely understood. To neutralize the extracellular HMGB1 will be helpful to understand the HMGB1-induced inflammation.

arigo is proud to introduce the new HMGB1 neutralizing antibody (ARG66714). This is a HMGB1-specific monoclonal antibody from mouse source. The neutralizing activity is confirmed in HMGB1-stimulated macrophage cultures by assay of TNF release. It is the best choice for HMGB1 neutralization.






HMGB1 antibody


Specific Mouse mAb
Hu, Ms, Bv
Application: ELISA, FACS, Neut, WB


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