Tn Antigen Antibody Duo (sTn, Tn)

Cancer antibody; Cell Biology and Cellular Response antibody; Controls and Markers antibody
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ARG53971 anti-Sialyl Tn antibody [STn 219] Mouse mAb Hu FACS, ICC/IF, IHC 250 μl
ARG53970 anti-Tn antigen antibody [Tn 218] Mouse mAb Hu ICC/IF, IHC 250 μl



The first step in O-linked oligosaccharide synthesis is adding a N-acetylgalactosamine to serine or threonine resulting in the formation of the Tn antigen and Tn antigen can be proceed along different pathways through different glycosylation processes. The additional sialic acid by an α2,6-sialyltransferase forms the sialosyl-Tn antigen (SAα2,6GalNAcα-O-Ser/Thr), moreover, the sialosyl-Tn antigen might not apparently undergo further glycosylation. Both antigens have been shown previously to be highly sensitive and specific markers of various cancer types including colorectal cancer.

The abnormal protein glycosylation might associated with human cancer and the identification of protein glycoforms might be cancer biomarkers and therapeutic targets. In addition, the Tn antigen is also expressed by the protein gp120 of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and in a wide range of helminth parasites.

arigo provides a Tn antigen antibody Duos, ARG30015, including antibodies reacting Tn antigen and Sialosyl-Tn antigen for users to study the potentially glycol-structure of the target protein in cancer or infectious area and it might be useful to findout the biomarker and therapeutic agent.

靶点名称 Tn Antigen
別名 Tn Antigen antibody; Tn antigen antibody; Sialyl Tn antibody


存放说明 For continuous use, store undiluted antibody at 2-8°C for up to a week. For long-term storage, aliquot and store at -20°C or below. Storage in frost free freezers is not recommended. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Suggest spin the vial prior to opening. The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use.
注意事项 For laboratory research only, not for drug, diagnostic or other use.


全名 Antibody Duo for Tn Antigen (sTn, Tn)
研究领域 Cancer antibody; Cell Biology and Cellular Response antibody; Controls and Markers antibody

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  • ARG53971 anti-Sialyl Tn antibody [STn 219] FACS image

    Flow Cytometry: MKN45 cells (orange, positive cell line) and KATO III cells (black, negative cell line) stained with ARG53971 anti-Sialyl Tn antibody [STn 219].


Shigella flexneri Targets Human Colonic Goblet Cells by O Antigen Binding to Sialyl-Tn and Tn Antigens via Glycan-Glycan Interactions.

ARG53971: ICC/IF / Human

Elizabeth Ngoc Hoa Tran et al.
ACS Infect Dis.,  (2020)