Quantifying BSA levels in cell therapy products or urine

Quantifying BSA levels in cell therapy products or urine

Bovine serum albumin (BSA) is a physiologically important plasma protein derived from cattle. It has many biochemical functions in diagnostic, cell culture, pharmaceutical and microbiological applications. arigo offers two pre-coated BSA ELISA kits to detect different levels of BSA in various sample types.



▶ BSA level in medicine safety

BSA is a common stabilizing component found in vaccines. It is also a nutrient supplement in cell culture media and has been widely used in the serum-free media for the expansion of therapeutic cells such as CAR-T cells. However, BSA has been shown to cause health complications such as allergic reactions when injected into the blood stream. Quantification of BSA is critical to ensure the limited BSA exposure of vaccines or cell therapy products.

arigo offers Highly sensitive BSA ELISA Kit (ARG81125) to detect BSA level in a sensitivity of 0.5 ng/ml. It is the best solution to quality control and ensure the medical safety of vaccines or cell therapy products.




▶ BSA level in experimental models of nephritis

Human exposure to BSA is linked to nephrotic syndrome. Experimental nephritis can be induced in animal models by subcutaneously immunizing with BSA, called BSA nephritis. The urine BSA level is a useful indicators to investigate the pathogenesis and treatment efficacy of nephrotic syndrome.

arigo offers quality BSA ELISA Kit (ARG81124) to accelerate the research of nephropathy. This kit allows a wide range detection of BSA level (15 - 500 ng/ml) and has been used to study diabetic kidney injury and published in Scientific Reports.



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ELISA analysis

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