PDGF-BB induces angiogenesis during coupling with osteogenesis

PDGF-BB induces angiogenesis during coupling with osteogenesis


Osteogenesis during bone modeling and remodeling is accompanied by angiogenesis. A recent study showed that PDGF-BB secreted by preosteoclasts is a powerful activator both for cells that make bone-building blocks and those that generate specialized blood vessels.

Under normal circumstance, bone resorption is carefully coupled with bone rebuilding to keep the homeostasis in balance. But in women who have entered menopause, decline in estrogen production can cause excessive bone resorption, leading to osteoporosis and frequent bone breaks. Osteoclasts are always considered the culprit for osteoporosis, as a result of their critical role in chewing away bone material from the skeletal matrix. However, Cao and his research group’s recent data surprisingly indicate that preosteoclasts, the progenitors that differentiate to form osteoclast, are important in maintaining bone health.

PDGF-BB secreted by preosteoclasts induces cell migration and angiogenesis through Akt-dependent FAK signaling pathway. It also stimulates S1P and Sphk1 expression which promotes bone formation, further coupling angiogenesis to bone formation in the periosteal environment. Altogether, this is the first report which provides evidence that the preosteoclast-secreted PDGF-BB induces Akt/FAK dependent angiogenesis in coupling osteogenesis through S1P signaling. (Xie H. et al. 2014 Nat Med 20(11), 1270-1278.)

The Phospho-Akt Antibody Duo [Total, pSer473] (ARG30039) is available for the investigation of Akt activation and its downstream pathway. Moreover, Phospho-FAK Antibody Panel (ARG30203) is a very useful tool to study cell migration mediated by FAK signaling pathway upon angiogenesis. According to this research, PDGF-BB secreted by preosteoclasts enhanced osteogenesis and angiogenesis. arigo provides high quality PDGF-BB ELISA Kit (ARG80166) for the quantification of PDGF-BB level in serum, plasma or cell culture supernatant.


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Phospho-Akt Antibody Duo [Total, pSer473] (ARG30039)



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