JunB as a novel gate keeper for prostate cancer progression

JunB as a novel gate keeper for prostate cancer progression


Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in Western world. One man in seven will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. Serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is routinely used as a biomarker for cancer detection. However, it has shown limited predictive value for progression. Thus, there is an urgent need for improvement in both diagnosis and therapy of Prostate Cancer.

Wagner and colleagues’ recent work published in Nature Cell death and Differentiation (2015, April issue) figures out that JUNB expression is increased in low-grade prostate cancer compared with normal human prostate, but downregulated in high-grade samples and further decreased in all metastatic samples. Loss of JunB expression led to increased proliferation and decreased senescence. In addition, these double-knockout mice data demonstrate that JunB/Ap-1 cooperates with PTEN signaling as gate keepers to invasive prostate cancer, whose concomitant genetic or epigenetic suppression induce malignant progression. (Thomsen et al. (2015) Cell Death & Differentiation 22, 574-582).

arigo provides high sensitive PSA ELISA kit (ARG80651) for the detection of specific biomarker prostate specific antigen (PSA). PTEN has been shown previously to dephosphorylate PIP3 at the D3 position and thus acts as a negative regulator of PI3K/Akt signaling. In a variety human cancers, PTEN is frequently mutated or deleted. arigo offers the PTEN/Akt Pathway Antibody Panel (ARG30206) for users who would like to demonstrate the effect of PTEN signaling in tumor study. Phospho-JunB Antibody Duo (ARG30207) which contains total and phosphorylated form of JunB is applicable for the quantification of activated JunB expression in various sample types.


Antibody Duo


Phospho-JunB Antibody Duo [Total, pSer259] (ARG30207)



JUNB Antibody



JUNB (pS259) Antibody



Antibody Panel


PTEN/Akt Pathway Antibody Panel (ARG30206)


PTEN (pS380/T382/T383) Antibody



AKT Antibody



AKT (pS473) Antibody








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