Phospho p53 Antibody Duo (Total, pS15)

Cancer antibody; Cell Biology and Cellular Response antibody; Cell Death antibody; Gene Regulation antibody


货号 内含物名称 宿主克隆性 反应 应用 包装
ARG20150 anti-p53 phospho (Ser15) antibody Rabbit pAb Hu, Ms, Rat IHC, IP, WB 25 μg
ARG51081 anti-p53 antibody Rabbit pAb Hu ICC/IF, IHC-P, WB 50 μl


产品描述 P53, also known as tumor antigen p53, acts as a tumor suppressor in many tumor types to induce growth arrest or apoptosis depending on the physiological circumstances and cell type. Involved in cell cycle regulation as a trans-activator that acts to negatively regulate cell division by controlling a set of genes required for this process. One of the activated genes is an inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases. Upon gamma-irradiation and DNA damage, p53 is phosphorylated at Ser15 residue and this increases its ability to recruit CBP/p300 which in turns increase the overall acetylation of C-terminus of p53 protein. Acetylation of C-terminal domain can dramatically increase site-specific DNA binding ability pf p53 protein on both short oligonucleotides and long DNA fragments. Zhao et al. 2008. Cell cycle 7(19): 3048-55 Lambert et al. 1998. J Biol Chem 273(49): 33048 Luo et al. 2004. PNAS 101(8): 2259

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靶点名称 p53
別名 Phospho p53 antibody; Phospho tumor protein p53 antibody; p53 phospho (Ser15) antibody; p53 antibody


存放说明 For continuous use, store undiluted antibody at 2-8°C for up to a week. For long-term storage, aliquot and store at -20°C or below. Storage in frost free freezers is not recommended. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Suggest spin the vial prior to opening. The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use.
注意事项 For laboratory research only, not for drug, diagnostic or other use.


全名 Phospho tumor protein p53 Antibody Duo (Total, pS15)
研究领域 Cancer antibody; Cell Biology and Cellular Response antibody; Cell Death antibody; Gene Regulation antibody

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  • ARG20150 anti-P53 phospho (Ser15) antibody WB image

    Western Blot: 1. Untreated HeLa cell 2. UV-traeted HeLa cell stained with anti-p53 (phospho Ser15) antibody (ARG20150).

    The antibody detects ~53 kDa Ser15 phosphorylated p53. It does not react with non-phosphorylated p53 or p53 phosphorylated at other sites.

  • ARG51081 anti-p53 antibody WB image

    Western Blot: extracts from MDA and JK cells stained with anti-p53 antibody ARG51081.

  • ARG51081 anti-p53 antibody IHC-P image

    Immunohistochemistry: paraffin-embedded human breast carcinoma tissue stained with anti-p53 antibody ARG51081 (left) or the same antibody preincubated with blocking peptide (right).

  • ARG51081 anti-p53 antibody ICC/IF image

    Immunofluorescence: methanol-fixed HeLa cells stained with anti-p53 antibody ARG51081.