Nitric Oxide Synthase Assay Kit

Nitric Oxide Synthase Assay 试剂盒 for Functional study and Human,Mammal,Mouse,Rat



ARG81188 Nitric Oxide Synthase Assay Kit is a detection kit for the quantification of Nitric Oxide Synthase activity in serum, plasma, whole blood, cell culture media, tissue or cell lysates.

反应物种 Hu, Ms, Rat, Mamm
应用 FuncSt
靶点名称 Nitric Oxide Synthase
偶联标记 Un-conjugated
灵敏度 0.25 U/L
样品类型 Serum, plasma, whole blood, cell culture media, tissue or cell lysates.
标准范围 0.25 - 25 U/L
样本量 20 µl
別名 Constitutive NOS; NOS type III; Nitric oxide synthase, endothelial; Endothelial NOS; eNOS; EC-NOS; NOSIII; cNOS; EC; ECNOS


应用说明 Please note that this kit does not include a microplate.
检测时间 ~ 2 hour


形式 Liquid
存放说明 Store components at 4°C or -20°C. Do not expose test reagents to heat, sun or strong light during storage and usage. Please refer to the product user manual for detail temperatures of the components.
注意事项 For laboratory research only, not for drug, diagnostic or other use.



GeneID: 18127 Mouse NOS3

GeneID: 24600 Rat NOS3

GeneID: 4846 Human NOS3

基因名称 NOS3
全名 nitric oxide synthase 3 (endothelial cell)
背景介绍 Nitric oxide is a reactive free radical which acts as a biologic mediator in several processes, including neurotransmission and antimicrobial and antitumoral activities. Nitric oxide is synthesized from L-arginine by nitric oxide synthases. Variations in this gene are associated with susceptibility to coronary spasm. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, May 2009]
生物功能 Produces nitric oxide (NO) which is implicated in vascular smooth muscle relaxation through a cGMP-mediated signal transduction pathway. NO mediates vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-induced angiogenesis in coronary vessels and promotes blood clotting through the activation of platelets.

Isoform eNOS13C: Lacks eNOS activity, dominant-negative form that may down-regulate eNOS activity by forming heterodimers with isoform 1. [UniProt]
翻译后修饰 Phosphorylation by AMPK at Ser-1177 in the presence of Ca(2+)-calmodulin (CaM) activates activity. In absence of Ca(2+)-calmodulin, AMPK also phosphorylates Thr-495, resulting in inhibition of activity (By similarity). Phosphorylation of Ser-114 by CDK5 reduces activity.
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